tweety." Το Παλεύω Μέχρι Που Παλεύεται Και Όσο Μπορώ!!"

Thing Of you

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Unique Butterfly Angel

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Angel sitting On the Moon

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Love Angel dear sister

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Thing Of you

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Πέμπτη, 7 Ιουλίου 2011


...our heart can become pure and simple, like that of a child, I think there probably can be no greater happiness than this.... always smiling, laughing, sometimes being naughty..sad ..confused......!

In Short:- enjoying every moment like a kid...

Εύχομαι όλοι να είστε καλά, όσο αυτό είναι εφικτό.. σε αυτές τις μέρες που ζούμε.. την αγάπη μου σε όλους..

Δευτέρα, 31 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Life is A Gift.

...This is how human brain changes when the status changed

Only few remember what life was before, and who's always been there even in the most painful situations].

Today before you think of saying an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone ho's crying out for a companion.

Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who went too early to heaven/hell.

Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they're barren.

Before you argue about your dirty house, someone didn't clean or sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets.

Before whining about the distance you drive - Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job.

But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another - Remember that not one of us are without sin and we all answer to one maker.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down - Put a smile on your face and thank --- you're alive and still around

Life is a gift- Live it, Enjoy it, Celebrate it, And fulfill it!!!